HealthMatters: Vol. 16 Iss. 2 (Oct-Nov'11) Cover Story
VOL. 16, Issue 1
Published: March 2011 - April 2011

Lead Stories
LifeCare's Unsung Heroes
LifeCare's Emergency Department designated a Level 4 Trauma center
VOL. 15, Issue 4
Published: October 2010 - November 2010

Lead Stories
Roseau Manor: 50 Years of being Home
Online Pharmacist Provides 24-hour Service to LifeCare
Telehealth offers at-home Monitoring to Home Care Clients
VOL. 15, Issue 3
Published: July 2010 - August 2010

Lead Stories
LifeCare CEO presents 2009 Year in Review
Report highlights LifeCare's benefits to the community
Application deadline for $1,500 LifeCare Scholarship is 9/1/10
  LifeCare HealthCare Fund - 2010 Special Report
VOL. 15, Issue 2
Published: April 2010 - May 2010

Lead Stories:
Palliative Care provides aid to chronically ill
Skate Pass offers flexible schedule on skating treadmill
New lab equipment keeps LifeCare on the leading edge
VOL. 15, Issue 1
Published: February 2010 - March 2010

Lead Stories
LifeCare Nurses Add Caring Touch To HealthCare
LifeCare Board Welcomes Two New Members
Service Award Given To More Than Fifty LifeCare Employers
VOL. 14, Issue 5
Published: December 2009 - January 2010

Lead Stories:
LifeCare Adds Full-Field Digital Mammography
Full-time Chef Brings Passion for Food to
Dining Services Department
LifeCare Joins Stroke Registry Program

VOL. 14, Issue 4
Published: October - November 2009

Lead Stories:
Cory Vatnsdal Named Chariman of LifeCare Board
Sports Acceleration Unveils New Hockey
Training Program LifeCare E.M.S. Licensed for Piney District

VOL. 14, Issue 3
Published: July - August 2009

Lead Stories:
Infusion Therapy settles into new surroundings
New equipment adds efficiency, safety to distribution of meds
LifeCare to host author Michelle May

VOL. 14, Issue 2
Published: May - June 2009

Lead Stories:
Work Complete on new Women's Health Area
Doctor Fredstrom Named Medical Dir. of Women's Health
2008: LifeCare CEO Offers His Year InReview

VOL. 14, Issue 1
Published: March - April 2009

Lead Stories:
Roseau Manor Enhances Lives of Residents
LifeCare Explores Integrative Medicine
Diabetes Center Offers Healthy Life Choices

  LifeCare HealthCare Fund - 2008 Annual Report

VOL. 13, Issue 5
Published: December 2008

Lead Stories:
Partners for Health event raises more than $25,000
All New Offices for Respiratory Therapy & Behavioral health
Unveiling a New Customer Service Plan

VOL. 13, Issue 4
Published: October - November 2008

Lead Stories:
Two Physicians Join LifeCare's Medical Staff
1,300 Attend Greenbush Medical Park Ground Breaking Ceremony
Patients Enjoy Convenience of Telehealth

VOL. 13, Issue 3
Published: July - August 2008

Lead Stories:
Rehabilitation Services Offers the Unexpected
LifeCare Receives an Unprecedented Three Patient Safety Awards
Disaster Drills Tests County Readiness Plan

VOL. 13, Issue 2
Published: May - June 2008

Lead Stories:
The Value Of Volunteers At LifeCare
2008 "May Walk/Run" Nets over $5,000 for
Local Diabetes Care
Convenient After-Hours Medical Care

VOL. 13, Issue 1
Published: March - April 2008

Lead Stories:
Greenbush Medical Park Plans Unveiled
Dr. Tim Rittenour Joins Lifecare's Medical Staff
Year of Change: Lifecare CEO's Review of 2007

VOL. 12, Issue 4
Published: December 2007

Lead Stories:
A Recap of the Backyard Barbecue
LifeCare Medical Center Begins New Era inHealthcare
Chuck Lindner: Hospital Board's Newest Members

VOL. 12, Issue 3
Published: May 2007

Lead Stories:
CEOís Year in Review 2006
Corey Vatnsdal Joins Hospital Board
Student Scholarship Winners

VOL. 12, Issue 2
Published: March 2007

Lead Stories:
Emergency Preparedness
Warroad Tornado Aftermath
Ways You Can Prepare For An Emergency

VOL. 12, Issue 1
Published: January 2007

Lead Stories:
A Look Inside the Behavioral Health Dept.
The Facts on Eating Disorders
Hospital and Partners Donate Ambulance Sleds

VOL. 11, Issue 5
Published: October 2006

Lead Stories:
New IV Pumps
Hospital Offers Eye Surgery
New Tools for Swallowing Disorder Study

VOL. 11, Issue 4
Published: August 2006

Lead Stories
Meet the Hospitalís New Wellness Coordinator
Hospital Receives JCAHO Accreditation
Donating to the Health Care Fund
VOL. 11, Issue 3
Published: May 2006

Lead Stories
CEOís Year in Review 2005
Local Diabetes Walk Raises Nearly $5,000
Health Care Fund: Giving Today for a Healthy Tomorrow
VOL. 11, Issue 2
Published: Jan 2006

Lead Stories:
Imaging Dept. Receives New CT Scanner
Improving Patient Communication
Q&A: Medical Prescriptions


VOL. 11, Issue 1
Published: November 2005

Lead Stories:
Health Care Fund Looks to the Future          
Making House Calls
Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

VOL. 10, Issue 5
Published: Sept 2005

Lead Stories:
Meet Keith Okeson: New CEO
Sleep Clinic
Patio Gardening at Sheltering Oaks

VOL. 10, Issue 4
Published: July 2005

Lead Stories:
A 21st Century Lab
Keith Okeson Named President/CEO
Student Athletic Training